These are the top women entrepreneurs changing the restaurant scene

Learn how female entrepreneurs are transforming the sphere of cooking and restaurants.

Male chefs and entrepreneurs have often been the only ones credited for the development of upper-class restaurants. That said, as times show, the systematic gender gap that would once define the restaurant business is coming to an end. As a matter of fact, some of the highest-rated restaurants in London are owned and operated by London’s most famous women entrepreneurs. Renowned personalities are often working in this industry, such as Sally Greene, who has put a great deal of thought and hard work into the extended remodelling of the dining establishment, located in one of London’s most famous areas. The venue's design aims to create a sense of intimacy and comfort, similar to a private country-house. The venue has successfully incorporated marble, dark wood and parquet floors while not being too overwhelming, making visitors feel more like guests, rather than clients.

On the subject of successful female entrepreneurs, we must talk about the impact Thomasina Miers has made on the UK dining sphere. As the founder of a group of Mexican eateries, her work has been recognized by numerous contemporary Mexican chefs. Her eateries are regarded as probably the best places for genuine, tasty street food at a price that everybody can afford. Apart from being a successful restaurant manager, this woman is also a food writer who has got numerous recipe books published. Her work has had a tremendous impact on the public’s understanding of a good diet, introducing excellent recipes that are both flavorful and nourishing. Since people are learning to be more conscious of the quality of the food they're buying, female entrepreneurs are setting the trends for healthy food.

The restaurant sector is to this day mostly dominated by men. However, famous women entrepreneurs are now taking charge in the fight for gender equality in the workplace. For decades, women have played an important role in the restaurant industry without always getting recognition for it. In fact, there have been only six women chefs in the world to be awarded with the highest honor of three Michelin stars. Among them is the Italian chef Nadia Santini, who has held the three stars for over two decades. As the head chef of one of Italy’s best eateries, she is known for integrating classical French cuisine with traditional Italian recipes. Her original cooking style marked a brand-new age for the restaurant industry as a whole, attracting the attention of food experts from all around the globe.

Despite the fact that the restaurant industry has not been the most welcoming to women, we are observing some positive changes when it comes to equal rights and more inclsuivity in the industry. Female entrepreneurs have fought their way to the top as a way to prove that females are perfectly capable of managing the kitchens of the world’s best dining rooms.

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